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ISBN 1-882660-04-8
Running time: 28 minutes
DVD Format: $39.95
VHS Format: $39.95

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Jacob Lawrence: The Glory of Expression

Narrated by Ossie Davis
Created and Produced by Linda Freeman
Written and Directed by David Irving

A documentary about the life and work of Jacob Lawrence, one of America’s great painters, the first African-American to be represented by a New York City gallery.

Emphasis is placed on the epic narratives he painted about the struggles of the African-American people. Central to the documentary is the attention given to the emotional aspects of the process of creating art as well as the importance of motivation and determination for success.

Jacob Lawrence in his studio.
Lawrence sharing his method and inspiration.
Historic moments in the life of Jacob Lawrence.
Jacob Lawrence’s unique perspective.
Lawrence in an interview.
Jacob Lawrence when he was an art student.
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