Selected Lectures

April 2011: ICIS Salon, New York, NY

November 15, 2009: University of the Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

October 10, 2009: University of the Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

February 15, 2008: Lowe Art Museum, Coral Gables, Florida. View Event Photos.

November 10, 2005: Katonah Museum of Art, Katonah, New York.

February 2, 2005: Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

November 23, 2002: Langston Hughes Community Library and Cultural Center, Corona, New York.

October 11, 2000: Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Overview of Linda’s Lectures

The objective of the lectures is to introduce students to famous multi-cultural artists; to motivate students and to provide them with role models; and to add to the scarce resources in this area. By introducing documentaries as part of the lecture, I show the artist’s perspective and personal achievements as the artist creates a work of art while demonstrating and explaining the creative process from the inspiration that led to the creation of an image, the preliminary translation of the idea to the canvas, and then the development from that initial translation to a finished piece of art. Most important is the documentaries’ stress on the artists’ message that determination, motivation and perseverance are keys to success. I talk about how I started the series, and my impressions after meeting each artist.

Since 1987, I have been producing a series of multi-cultural documentaries on very accomplished African-American artists. These documentaries have been geared to students of the arts from sixth graders to adults. The project was developed to fill the gap created by severe budget cuts for arts education in public schools and to provide a source for multi-cultural information. The documentaries are suitable for use by the general teacher where no art educator is available and will also enhance the curriculum in a regular arts program.

Since its inception, the series has also been shown in museums and libraries, often in conjunction with exhibits. Art in the 21st-century is, and will be, very important and is greatly needed in our educational systems. What I want to do in my documentaries and lectures is to inspire, excite, and open all creative ideas and new ways in using art. Museums and Universities have used the series for their students, as an enhancement for their classes in art, women’s studies, and history. They have found the documentaries a wonderful resource.The lectures look at the artists' paintings, their childhood and what it means to become an artist. Art is hard work; art is fun. It is about thinking, planning, creative problem-solving and most of all, determination.

Linda Freeman