Jennifer Bartlett & Jackie Winsor: Women In Their Studios

Jennifer Bartlett & Jackie Winsor: Women In Their Studios

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  • 28 minutes


Created and Produced by Linda Freeman
Written and Directed by David Irving

With determination and verve, Jennifer Bartlett and Jackie Winsor attacked their art in the 60s and 70s. In the fullness of time that resolve marked them as the celebrated artists they are today.

Jennifer Bartlett is characterized by the illustrated interplay between concept and spontaneity, limitation and excess, abstraction and figurative. Her work in oil paint on canvas and on metal plates provide a map of the human psyche (1 – 14 min).

Jackie Winsor immerses herself into each sculpture she creates. Often associated with the minimalists, she prefers simple geometric shapes, placing objects on the floor to bring out their essence (15 – 29 min).

Both artists grew up by the ocean which may account for the splendor palpable in their work.

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