Jimmy and Max Ernst: Dada Son

Jimmy and Max Ernst: Dada Son

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  • 28 minutes


Narrated by Eli Wallach
Guest appearances by Edward Albee and Douglas Dreishspoon, Ph.D.
(curator, Albright-Knox Art Gallery)
Produced by Linda Freeman
Directed by David Irving
Written by Eric Ernst, Douglas Dreishspoon, and David Irving

From the Dada movement in the early 1900s to Surrealism in the 1920s and finally to Abstract Surrealism and Modernism, tells the tale of Jimmy and Max Ernst, is the history of 20th-Century Art.

The son of Max Ernst, Jimmy’s work celebrates the expanse of human experience. The honesty demonstrated in his search for meaning through his art, and his struggle to define himself, makes for a powerful viewing experience.

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