Mixed Media Masters: Alison Saar, Al Loving, Flo Oy Wong

Mixed Media Masters: Alison Saar, Al Loving, Flo Oy Wong

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  • 28 minutes


Hosted by Lowery Sims
Created and Produced by Linda Freeman
Written and Directed by David Irving

In this exciting documentary Lowery Sims, Curator of the Museum of Art & Design in New York, introduces three remarkable mixed media artists: Alison Saar, Al Loving and Flo Oy Wong.

Mixed media art employs more than one medium; in these instances paint, thread and metal. Through their work each of these artists expresses their cultural heritage in their own imaginative and innovative style.

Alison Saar has carved figures from baseball bats.
The documentary shows numerous works by Saar, as she discusses her process and the influences in her life as an artist.
The documentary includes an historic perspective on how Al Loving began as an artist.
Loving’s work is shown in all its various forms and details.
Sacks of rice became a central material for Wong, and through the transforming process of mixed-media, her stories are told.
Flo Oy Wong discusses how she grew up, and how she came to be an artist while in her late 30’s and early 40’s.
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