Romare Bearden: Visual Jazz

Romare Bearden: Visual Jazz

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  • 28 minutes


Hosted by Wynton Marsalis
Created and Produced by Linda Freeman
Written and Directed by David Irving

A bold, brilliant artist, Romare Bearden created collages and paintings of stunning humanity in which he aimed to do nothing less than “redefine the image of man” in terms of the African-American experience.

The documentary is narrated by Wynton Marsalis who masterfully draws parallels between jazz and the art of Romare Bearden. The documentary also treats viewers to rare footage of Bearden at work in his studio while he explains, in his own words, what he doing as he creates.

Other guests and commentators include: Marilyn Kushner, Curator of Drawings and Prints at the Brooklyn Museum; Robert Blackburn, Master Printmaker; Jeffrey Bergen, President of ACA Gallery; Barrie Stavis, Playwright.

Bearden explains his process and reasons for making art.
Historic accounts help viewers understand the artist’s background.
Wynton Marsalis narrates, revealing the many levels of meaning in Bearden’s art.
Numerous paintings, collages, prints and drawings are featured.
Historic jazz performances are documented in the documentary.
Music, social and visual concerns combine in Bearden’s work.
Master Printmaker, Robert Blackburn recalls collaborating with Bearden on many print series.
Playwright, Barrie Stavis, sheds light on the drama and expressiveness of Bearden’s work.
Bearden and pet cat in a relaxed moment.
Marilyn Kushner (Brooklyn Museum) discusses the prints of Bearden.
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